Glock Undercut Tutorial

Let’s talk Glock undercuts. I see so many people doing their undercuts wrong or focused on the wrong things with their undercuts. I see people take the cut up super high and leave the sides square and leading to less than ideal ergonomics. The undercut doesn’t have to be taken up super high, it should be taken forward more than up and the edges should be rounded off. This allows for more room for your

Does Your Glock Need Stippling?

I get questions from people rather often asking about whether or not they should mod and stipple their Glock. Just as often if not more often I see people questioning the modding and stippling of Glock’s perfection. Some people think it is ugly; some think it will weaken the frame, and some people think if you need stippling your grip sucks. Admittedly, a lot of stippling is absolutely horrendous. A lot of overly optimistic self-done