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    If you're getting Cerakote with stippling and frame work it can often add 2 weeks or more to your lead time depending on how busy we and our Cerakoter is. We do our very best to get everything done in a timely manner for our customers, but custom work is not an assembly line with parts being punched out by machines, though we do like to think of ourselves as machines. The time frame does vary based on both of our schedules. 

    If you are ordering cerakote in conjunction with stippling we automatically make it two-tone. If you want the stippling the same color as the frame please note it.

    We would also like to warn that if you want to mask off stippling and Cerakote it, we cannot promise a perfect finish or edge. Masking off stippling is difficult due to it being uneven, and it will usually result in bleeding. If you want a two-tone gun your best bet is to pick a different color than the frame and then let us stipple the frame revealing the frames color. Trying to spray the stippling a different color seldom shows perfect results. The best option is to color the frame and then stipple it so the natural color of the frame is revealed to contrast the Cerakote.

4 reviews for CUSTOM CERAKOTE

  1. Shane Harris (verified owner)

    My gun came out better than expected!

  2. Kelsey (verified owner)

    Very happy with the multicam I got back!

  3. Franklin (verified owner)

    They fixed a bad ceracote job from another company. Difference in quality is very noticeable.

  4. Grace (verified owner)

    Sent my frame and slide in to be refinished, came out looking new again!

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