Will Stippling Ruin My Glock Frame?

Stippling Will Damage Your Glock Frame!

I have seen on multiple occasions now when someone asks if they should stipple their Glock frame (or some other gun) they are met with a barrage of positive support and negative booing. Invariably someone stops in to drop knowledge bombs of ignorance and proclaims stippling is going to ruin, damage, weaken, or break (feel free to think of some more synonyms) their Glock frame. I always wonder where people get this idea. Did they ruin their own frame? Did they send it to someone who didn’t know what they were doing?

The fact is you’re more likely to ruin your frame cosmetically than actually damage it structurally. And truth be told plenty of people out there are masters at aesthetically assassinating Glock frames. But hey, how could you turn down that local $95 deal. To truly ruin a Glock frame functionally (aesthetically ruining it is quite easy) with stippling and modification you would have to remove too much material from the trigger guard, cut or melt through the frame in a vital area, and so on.

Polymer frames can take way more abuse than people think. Though I do not recommend it, you can thin a trigger guard out a lot without it breaking. Plastic has a lot of flex. It won’t just snap like steal unless you have a very rigid polymer, but Glocks are quite flexible. Again, I am not advocating abusing and unnecessarily removing material. I am simply saying that a professional who knows what they are doing is not going to hurt your frame.


So no, your frame is not going to be ruined. Stippling is not going to make your Glock frame explode despite what Joe Billy Bob told you on your favorite Glock group on Facebook. I do recommend sending your gun to a professional for the best results, but if you want to garage job do it, then go for it! Just take your time.  Hell, maybe we can help! Check out our YouTube for some tutorials!