Does Your Glock Need Stippling?

I get questions from people rather often asking about whether or not they should mod and stipple their Glock. Just as often if not more often I see people questioning the modding and stippling of Glock’s perfection. Some people think it is ugly; some think it will weaken the frame, and some people think if you need stippling your grip sucks.

Admittedly, a lot of stippling is absolutely horrendous. A lot of overly optimistic self-done garage shop stipple jobs come out looking like a “hot mess” sort-of-speak. However, the top talents in the industry and some newer up-and-comers have honed the craft to the point of it being art with practicality. The days of “ugly but practical” are over. There is a plethora of talent available to anyone willing to look around and invest the money. Your local FFL with a Dremel and a soldering iron who charges $50 probably won’t be turning out a masterpiece, but if you have of a budget around $100-$400 you can find a lot of legit businesses that turn out awesome work. Shop around a bit. Look at different websites. Do not immediately assume the biggest and most spoke about shops are necessarily the best. I can think of a few very well-known shops that cut corners, do not do their undercuts properly, and rush their stippling. For about the same money or a little extra, you can have a beautifully handcrafted Glock frame done elsewhere.

Stippling & Frame Modifications Can Enhance Your Glock

Most people who tell you that you do not need stippling or frame modifications that Glocks are perfect as is, your grip sucks, and so forth, are at best ignorant. I love Glocks, but they are far from perfect. Many people who are diehard fans of Glock still find other guns more comfortable to shoot. This is because Glock has less than ideal ergonomics. Grips reductions, finger groove removals, and other mods can make a massive difference. I have had lifelong Glock shooters and Glock haters alike try one of our Battle Ready Arms packages and end up loving it. A man that never liked or shot Glocks because of their ergonomics bought one of our modded Glocks on the spot after feeling it. Frame mods and stippling really do make a huge difference that most people will not understand without ever handling a properly modified and stippled frame. The keywords here being properly modified and stippled. Plenty of homegrown stipple and mod jobs can make things not only uglier but far less comfortable.

Stippling: Comfortable & Practical?

Short answer is yes, it can be both comfortable and practical. Stippling does not have to be sharp, rough, and uncomfortable. It can be made comfortable enough to carry with no undershirt depending on the pattern used. Many people think the finer the pattern the more comfortable it will be and this is not usually the case. Often it is easier to make the larger patterns comfortable. You can melt the sharp edges down so it’s not rough and the gaps create by the stippling help with grip and give sweat, blood, mud, and whatever else is on your hands a place to go. Another plus to the larger patterns is they take a much longer time to wear down. I have personally never seen a large pattern completely worn down, but I have seen many examples of smaller patterns like the microdot pattern wear down within a couple of years.

What Should I Get Done On My Frame?

Modifying your Glock frame is really a personal preference matter. There are some things that may be quintessential to some and unnecessary to others. For example, I love double undercuts; others do not find them beneficial. However, there are a few mods that are pretty much ubiquitously loved and even necessary.

Trigger Guard Undercut

The single most necessary mod for a Glock is an undercut. Glocks are so notorious for their uncomfortable trigger guard the condition it causes (usually a raw or blistered finger) has been dubbed “Glock Knuckle.” Many people undercut Glocks by simply taking a large Dremel sanding drum and take the cut up super high and leaving the sides square. The undercut does not have to be taken up super high, it should be taken forward more than up, and the edges should be rounded off. This allows for more room for your knuckles, and the rounded edges allow the fingers to come in quick and glide under the trigger guard without unnecessary discomfort and rubbing on a squared off edge. This is far more ergonomic and comfortable for all shooters than taking the cut as high up as possible. Some believe that taking it up high will result in the ultimate in recoil control. It will not, and you have just made your trigger guard worse in many cases.

Finger Groove Removal

Some people love finger grooves, but according to polls on my Instagram page, most people prefer not having finger grooves. Even if you are in the camp of not minding or maybe even liking the finger grooves on a Glock, I still encourage you to consider removing them. Removing them reduces the size of the frame making it more comfortable shooters of all sizes. As well, depending on the size of a person’s fingers they might sit very uncomfortably and awkwardly on top of the finger grooves. Many people’s fingers do not sit perfectly between the grooves so removing them makes the Glock comfortable for everyone. Some argue for keeping the finger grooves because it helps maintain control of the frame. I can see their point, but if the frame is stippled grip and control will not be a problem.

Thumb Index Points

The best grip for people in the know is a thumbs forward grip. Many people use it now. If you are one of them, and you should be, then thumb index points can add a little extra control over the muzzle flip. By providing some texturing and/or a recessed ledge for your thumb for driving down on, you should find yourself having great control leading to faster and more accurate follow up shots.


So in short, yes, you should stipple and modify your Glock frame. It will not weaken the frame if done properly. It can be very comfortable to carry if done properly. As well, It is not something that has to break your bank account. A few mods and some stippling can greatly enhance your shooting experience as well as provide you a unique looking and ergonomically enhanced frame that your buddies will probably envy you for. The most important thing is to find someone who will do it properly, and a big name does not mean it will be. There are many options out there including us here at Battle Ready Arms. Shop around and see what fits your needs and budget.