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Will you take custom requests?

If you want something specific and you do not see it on my site, please contact me. I have done custom requests for people. It is usually not a problem, and it is often a welcome change of pace.

Do you only work on Glock, M&P, and P320?

I do work primarily on those pistols because it is usually sent to me. However, if it is plastic, I will most likely work on it. Just message, and I will happily discuss it with you.

How long does custom frame work take?

Custom frame work varies. A simple job like an essentials package will sometimes be done within 5 weeks. More complicated packages maybe done within a 6-9 weeks. All turnaround times are estimate and can fluctuate.

Where can I download a copy of your FFL?

A copy can be found on my order forms under services.

What are the benefits of stippling?

Stippling for some can be an aesthetic enhancement, a practical grip enhancement, or both. The practicality of stippling comes from its ability to provide a vastly better grip on your firearm, especially under adverse conditions in which one’s hands maybe slick from sweat, mud, or blood. Stippling creates grooves and craters in the polymer for mud, blood, and sweat to run into and the edges of the stippling provide traction for your hands which means you get a better grip. A better grip equates to better control and recoil management and good recoil management leads to faster more accurate follow up shots.

What handguns do you recommend for concealed carry?

For concealed carry a Glock 19, Sig P320, or a fullsize M&P. If you have a smaller frame then a M&P Shield may serve you better.


I know some men and women want the smallest gun they can get. I would not recommend any smaller than a Glock 42. I encourage everyone to carry the largest gun they can comfortably carry. I personally can carry a full size with a light comfortably, but not everyone can. Some of it also depends on how long you’re willing to wait to adjust to carrying something larger. There is an adjustment period that some people are not willing to make.

What sights do you like?

The best overall sights I have found are the Trijicon HD sights. The Ameriglo Pro I-Dot and Ameriglo Spartans are also very good and very similar to the Trijicon HD sights while also being cheaper. Trijicon HD sights have a slight edge in their ability to catch on objects and clothing for one-handed manipulations which is why I tend to prefer them. I use HD sights on my Glock 19, and I use I-Dot sights on my Shield.

If someone wants Fiber Optics then I recommend Warren Tactical.


If you want fiber optic sights Warren Tactical makes some very nice fiber optic sights.